Please read our policies
We strive to minimize our appointment overlap and consider the needs of your pet to the best of our ability.  Your appointment time is devoted to grooming your dog(s). However, we experience some delays and interruptions, and at times when volume is higher, appointments may take a little longer.  Your patience is greatly appreciated, and we ask that you allow a little extra time with your planning.  We'll call or text you when your pet is ready. 

Arriving excessively early doesn't guarantee your pet will be started earlier than the scheduled appointment time.  Arriving excessively late may require rescheduling, or going to a "fit-in" type of grooming, so that others proceeding your appointment do not also run late. 

Please let us know in advance if you need to leave your pet for an extended amount of time to be sure we have both the space and proper dynamic for your pet.   
Please be sure your pets are current on their vaccines for the health and safety of all the pets who come to us.  We ask that you please wait two weeks to make your grooming appointment after your pet has been adopted from a multi-pet facility or has received vaccinations.  This is to avoid contagions such as kennel cough. We do not accept pets that have just been found in the wild or have been taken from shelters without the required two week waiting period. 

Every client is required to fill out some basic contact, emergency, and health history information when arriving to better serve you.  In some cases, other release forms may be required for pets with severe matting.
Its always a good idea to have well-fitting equipment, such as a harness or collar, with identification tags on your pet, whenever you take them away from home. We may not be able give your dog a restroom break without proper equipment.

Its also a good idea to walk your pet in, rather than carrying them, as this creates an sense of consenting to have the experience.  Giving them a chance to relieve themselves outside prior to their appointment also promotes calmness, as well as helps eliminate the potential for soiling inside. Some large, more powerful type breeds and mixes may lack proper socialization or life experience to be groomed reasonably.  A consultation appointment may be required prior to grooming to best assess your pet's needs/abilities.

Please give the longest notice possible, at least 24 hours, if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. With limited capacity, we appreciate the ability to fill your appointment time in the event you cannot keep it.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and helping us create a premium grooming experience!
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